History of World Camel Day (22 June)

Another Camel day is Approaching on 22nd June. Tune your muscles.


Camel is a gift of nature, gifted to the drought stricken people of the planet earth. The human wisdom decided to domesticate the animal which can cope with the harsh and hostile ecosystems emerged with the onset of the natural climate change thousands of years before. The wisdom worked very well and selected the incredible camel for this task. The main and the important task given to the camel was to provide food in the conditions where other type of livestock had difficulties to sustain.

Camel love the vegetation of the desert. The plant icecream species for camel Tubulis

Camel is therefore considered to be the only livestock domesticated for the milk production. Though, later on the burden on camel was increased and many more tasks were given to the camel, like transportation, racing, meat, and others, etc. Luckily, camel is turning back to its original tasks, mainly because of…

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Camel’s Flower (زهر) Tribulus is the Precious Flora of the Arabian Desert~ A Camel Ice-cream Species. Series 5

The quality of milk comes from the genes, the food animals eat the types of vegetation, the wellbeing of animals, the status of animals, and the overall health of the animal.


Tribulus is resilient, beautiful and important flora of the desert.

  • It is resilient to the hardiness of the climate and weather of the desert
  • Having medicinal value, directly and indirectly (use as a herb also indirectly through camel urine and milk)
  • it is perineal plant but sprouts in spring (March and April after rains)

Tribulus Plant
Very much liked by the camel, especially fresh sprouted with blossom in the spring after rains, therefore known as camel ice-cream species

Not only valued as camel food and ethnomedicine but tribulus is home to precious fauna of the Desert

  • Many types of fauna live inside and around the Tribulus plant
  • They either depend upon the nectar, or florescence or eat the leaves
  • Some makes burrows and home inside the plant to make it habitat
  • They are making a rich niche and ecosystem
  • They fabricate a very useful and efficient biological control

They have beautiful flowers…

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Fake Camel Milk, a Threat to our Health

Human’s greed is far to be satisfied with anything. Some people even do not hesitate to sell fake items and earn money, which is very painful and dangerous.

As the camel milk (CaM) is making its space in the important functional foods globally with the same pace the fake CaM is coming in the market.

One of the most important and prominent example is ‘SUSU UNTA CAMEL MILK‘, claiming importing from Malasia where the camels are only in the zoo. Tons of the fake CaM powder are imported in Pakistan and delivered with the name of pure camel milk.

Look the level of fraud, using the word Halal.

Here is the link of the company selling fake CaM in Karachi, look at their claims. http://www.findglocal.com/PK/Karachi/531780563588892/Susunta-Camel-Milk

Look at their claims, very sad state of situation. I humbly request the authorities to please intervene in the situation and punish such fake greedy people to fool the people and play with their health.

Camel Milk Lover and Businessman Mike Eng from Malaysia

My friend Mike from Malaysia visited region given in the address but did not find anything over there. The address given lead to the petrol/gas station.

The address of the location for the camel milk business in Malaysia

A place with the name of Kelantan in Malaysia is claimed as the production unit for the camel milk. Mr. Mike told that the location is such a big lie, there is no single camel. His wife is from the region where they claim of a camel farm. Also, being a tropical country Malasya cannot be a place to have a camel dairying facility. Mr. Mike told that “They claim to have a farm in Kelantan, Malaysia. In additional to the factory.Hey, my wife is from the same state….. nothing to say.”

This link http://appkel2.moh.gov.my/dirfsq/index.php/dirfsq/cari_syarikat tells the local state government approved for using the Mesti certification logo. Only susu kambing (goat). In the list #50 is the suspected farm/factory.

The company website in Pakistan claims that they produce 500 kg camel milk powder daily in Malasya which is another big joke. To make this amount of powder a fresh milk more than 5000 liter is required which can be acheived from more than 500 camels.


Please help me in spreading this information and send and share with the authorities in Pakistan to take timely action and stop this wrong and unhealthy exercies. The culprit/s must face legal process and proper punishment.

Youtube Channel on camel milk

I have initiated a youtube channel about the properties of the camel milk, especially with the regard of the natural health. It is in English, Urdu and sometimes in Pashtu. https://youtu.be/oxpE-HIf-OA

Exposing the Fake CaM

I would write and talk about the fake CaM as there are some other outlets too. Please help me in getting the information and details about such fake CaM.

Camel Milk and Addition of New Products to the Dairy Industry

Camel milk needs to be further investigated for processing into value-added products.


Cow milk and its products have been dominating the dairy industry for decades after the industrialization of the food sector. The contribution of other animal species, such as buffalo, goats, sheep, and camel, is minimal. However, milks from these animals have great advantages and potential.

The camel milk is unique starting from its white color and glossy appearance and up to its therapeutic effects and processing challenges.

Camel milk, in particular, is a very unique and healthy product with especially anti-allergic and anti-diabetic effects. Several studies have shown that camel milk has some therapeutic potential in both type-1 and type-2 Diabetes mellitus. It is suggested that suggest that drinking of half a liter of camel milk per day contribute to decreasing fasting blood glucose, HbA1c, and plasma insulin levels in both types of diabetes. The healthy effects of camel milk are attracting increasing attention from the consumers…

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Camel Milk Protein Posses Bioactive Peptides

A medicine for Oxidative Stress Releated Diseases

Understanding about camel milk is increasing and the latest studies are coming with very appealing results. A study about the milk proteins (Casein and whey) revealed that the unique bioactive peptides of the camel milk works as a medicine for the oxidative stress associated diseases.

Ice cream made from camel milk

Study Published in the Journal of Animal Nutrition

The results of a scientific study revealed that both caseins and whey proteins of camel milk possess bioactive peptides with significant radical-scavenging activities and thus herald a fascinating opportunity for their potential as nutraceuticals or therapeutic peptides for prevention and treatment of
oxidative stress-associated diseases. The link of the article is given below. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2405654518301082?via%3Dihub

The author is advocating camel milk with the theme of camel4life and sharing the happenings in the camels’ world. This piece is just a small step to aware the masses about the incredible medicinal value of camel milk.

Soon, there will be camel day, 22nd june is World Camel Day. In the below video, you can see the how the camels are social with humanbeings and how important they are.

Camel Milk Saved me from Total Health Collapse- Dr. Raziq Kakar Says

No doubt camel is playing multidimentional role in the life of the million of people, especially in the driest regions of the world. To me, camel is a life saving creature. Camel saved my life and gave me natural health and vitality. I’m quite confident to say that camel milk revitalize my health and turned a sick body into a body full of stamina and vigor, because of camel milk. https://medium.com/@DrRaziqKakar/the-story-of-camel-milk-and-my-natural-health-b28cb22d743c

The world is celebrating world milk day (1st June), as milk is a nutrient of prime importance in the life of almost all physiological statuses and ages of people. I shall be celebrating along with my family and friends as a camel milk.

Usually, I take one glass of camel milk daily but on 1st June, I shall be taking one extra glass. This World Milk Day, for the first time, a global coalition of camel milk consumers, experts and dairy producers from 35 countries will raise a virtual glass for camel milk. This is the first-time camel milk is on the global World Milk Day agenda since the day began 20 years ago. Sales in camel milk are growing, as is interest, in this more natural, climate friendly and healthy dairy option – both as a stand-alone milk and as an active ingredient in camel milk products.

Camel milk saved my life when the load of antibiotics failed to show any impact against a infectious rheumatoid arthritis

Dr. Raziq

Camel milk works across a range of physical and behavioral issues, making it a highly effective alternative.  The fatty acids in camel milk are also better for human hearts as they contain more mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids than cow milk. Low in allergenic proteins, camel milk is also the best alternative to human milk and for children with severe food allergies or eczema.

The cow dairy industry is known to be a well-organized and powerful lobby force. Until now the camel milk private sector has been mostly established in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and Mauritania. But with climate change and growing consumer concerns about ethics and farming, camel herders and camel milk producers are expanding worldwide.

The camel saved humans for generations in the desert.  In arid areas and hot weather over 45C, we see cows suffer as they need 8-10 times more water than camels to produce 1 liter of milk

Dr. Abdul Raziq Kakar, a UAE based camel dairy specialist from Pakistan and Camels4All blogger

Camel milk is a natural pharmacy, it heals the body and give a new life to the body physiological functions. A glass of camel milk along with proper exercising can give you a great and strong immune system and can save you from malnutrition and infectious diseases.

Take a glass of camel milk and celebrate world milk day with the Global Camel Milk Coalition (Ad hoc). In this link you can find the complete press release of the global camel milk coalition. https://camel4all.blog/2020/05/26/world-milk-day-2020-raise-a-glass-to-the-more-natural-milk-camel-milk/amp/

Camel Milk Works When Other Types of Milks are Intolerant to the Gut

A mom managed her kid’s gut problem with the camel milk

As an organizer of the camel milk advocay international group, CAMEL4LIFE, I receive very good information and updates from the people who share their camel milk stories. I share the stories time to time here in my camel4milk blog, but hide the names of the storytellers for privace. Here is a message from such person, who shared her story here with us.

The camel ecosystem, Halloxylon plants and the bowl full of camel milk in Kharan Desert of Balochistan

“Hi everyone. I’ve been added to the group due to my son who has a cow milk protein allergy and severe eczema since receiving his infant immunizations. He was severely behind on his weight and height and has itchy infected skin which profoundly impacted his functioning, sleep, socializing, schooling etc.”

We did a GAPS diet, and detoxed with cilantro and chlorella and added camels milk to his diet.


And he’s now a thriving 7 year old. Great improvements to his skin, growth and functioning. He still drinks camel milk, as there is very very little cross reactivity between cow and camel milk and I feel it helped him to grow when most of what he was eating was causing bloatedness and diarrhea..

The unique medicinal properties of camel products


I have been working with the different aspects of the camel since last 2 decades. One of the most important aspects of the camel to me is the precious milk, which I call as “natural pharmacy“. It gives me immense pleasure when I see any development and scientific findings or a review of the published work regarding the camel, especially the milk. Here in this article, I shall be sharing a review work, published in the journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences. In this article, the scientific published material regarding the therapeutic properties of camel milk and urine are reviewed and discussed in a very good manner. The therapeutic properties of the camel milk have been admired and well accepted for different complex ailments. Though, personally, I have never been convinced of using camel urine (raw) for the treatment of a certain diseases. Moreover, any constituent can be traced out and may be used for the treatment of the ailments if proved scientifically.

The Science’s Interest in the Camel

Beginning in the early 1980s, more orthodox publications began identifying specific diseases and medical conditions that have been treated by camel milk or urine, including cancer, chronic hepatitis, hepatitis C infection and peptic ulcers. Even more recently, it has been reported that camel milk has cured severe food allergies in children who were unresponsive to conventional treatments and diabetes mellitus. Furthermore, camel milk is endowed with anti-malignant, antiplatelet and anti-thrombotic properties in addition to a host of anti-bacterial and viral properties suggesting, among other things, the existence of a very strong immune system, which was recently shown to be equipped with unique light-chain-only antibodies.

These claimed therapeutic actions have recently been the subject of numerous studies, and there is now mounting scientific information detailing the constituents of camel milk and urine as well as their therapeutic components. These revelations lend scientific evidence to support the current practice of using these camel products for their therapeutic benefits. The following review summarizes the current knowledge in these areas.

The camel milk is a real hero for the health goodness and I’m the living story of the camel milk consumption and wellness. I was used to be very sick with rheumatoid Arthritis, unable to walk and move properly. I started living with the camel pastoralists, consuming camel milk daily for a period of 3 months. I recovered in the camels’ county and enabled to climb the mountains. https://camel4all.blog/2015/06/16/my-camel-story-and-world-camel-day-22-june/.

I hereby sharing the link of an article, though published 5 years before but still a very good work (review discussion) about the role of camel milk as a health agent and natural . https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1658361216000238

Please do not forget to give your feedback in comments and discuss it in the forum.

Plane or Fermented? The Camel Milk

Fermented camel milk is more rich with lactobacillus bacteria which ensures high lactic acid, providing better environment in the gut for digestibility and intake of the nutrients.

The Good News and the CAMEL4LIFE

The good news is that, we are receiving very fresh and validated information/updates about the camel milk, both the scientific and traditional. The CAMEL4LIFE international group is growing and expanding its wing. The camel stakeholders from different parts are joining the group and strengthening it with the information based on their experience. 

Fermented CaM is Better than Fresh~ A thought provoking Information

Note: CaM is an abbreviation used for the camel milk.

Today, I’m sharing a piece of the fact, written by Dr Tahra from Iran. She
is working as associate professor in Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources University of Khuzestan. She wrote about the fermented camel milk. ” The fermented CaM can lower cholesterol, and blood pressure because of some super molecules, produced during the fermentation process. Also due to the abundance of lactobacilus bacteria and high lactic acids, the fermented CaM enrich the gut’s functions and improve the digestibility and intake of the nutrients”.img_3976

She further extends that the fermented CaM works well in the diabetes management and glycemic control. However the fermented CaM is sour, more tasty, and attractive which making it attractive for kids and other classes of the people. As a traditional healer and herbalist, she is quite confident that the CaM, especially fermented can solve the complex health issues and provides calmness and stamina in the body.