Natural Health with the Camel Milk

Fake Camel Milk, a Threat to our Health


Human’s greed is far to be satisfied with anything. Some people even do not hesitate to sell fake items and earn money, which is very painful and dangerous.

As the camel milk (CaM) is making its space in the important functional foods globally with the same pace the fake CaM is coming in the market.

One of the most important and prominent example is ‘SUSU UNTA CAMEL MILK‘, claiming importing from Malasia where the camels are only in the zoo. Tons of the fake CaM powder are imported in Pakistan and delivered with the name of pure camel milk.

Look the level of fraud, using the word Halal.

Here is the link of the company selling fake CaM in Karachi, look at their claims.

Look at their claims, very sad state of situation. I humbly request the authorities to please intervene in the situation and punish such fake greedy people to fool the people and play with their health.

Camel Milk Lover and Businessman Mike Eng from Malaysia

My friend Mike from Malaysia visited region given in the address but did not find anything over there. The address given lead to the petrol/gas station.

The address of the location for the camel milk business in Malaysia

A place with the name of Kelantan in Malaysia is claimed as the production unit for the camel milk. Mr. Mike told that the location is such a big lie, there is no single camel. His wife is from the region where they claim of a camel farm. Also, being a tropical country Malasya cannot be a place to have a camel dairying facility. Mr. Mike told that “They claim to have a farm in Kelantan, Malaysia. In additional to the factory.Hey, my wife is from the same state….. nothing to say.”

This link tells the local state government approved for using the Mesti certification logo. Only susu kambing (goat). In the list #50 is the suspected farm/factory.

The company website in Pakistan claims that they produce 500 kg camel milk powder daily in Malasya which is another big joke. To make this amount of powder a fresh milk more than 5000 liter is required which can be acheived from more than 500 camels.


Please help me in spreading this information and send and share with the authorities in Pakistan to take timely action and stop this wrong and unhealthy exercies. The culprit/s must face legal process and proper punishment.

Youtube Channel on camel milk

I have initiated a youtube channel about the properties of the camel milk, especially with the regard of the natural health. It is in English, Urdu and sometimes in Pashtu.

Exposing the Fake CaM

I would write and talk about the fake CaM as there are some other outlets too. Please help me in getting the information and details about such fake CaM.